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About Us

May Ship Repair Contracting Corp. is a Shipyard located at 3075 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, New York. We have been in business over 25 years we now have the site of the former Bethlehem Steel Shipyard. We have 3 Dry Docks with the capacity to dry dock ships up to 300′ in length. We have 1 building way that is 300′ by 90′ in size.

As technology advances within the industry May Ship Repair understands the importance of diversity and is taking the necessary steps to expand it’s business overseas. May Ship Repair provides it’s clients with the highest quality design, construction and repair services. Vessels are built to international specifications meeting all safety requirements, regulations and certifications. Our vessels are constructed and repaired in accordance with all regulatory agencies including the United States Coast Guard, The American Bureau of Shipping, Liyod’s, DNV as well as others. We can also comply with MARPOL and SOLAS as required by our customers.

Global Incentives

May Ship Repair understands the importance of diversity and has often expanded their services overseas. May Ship Repair is able to provide international clients with a myriad of benefits, by having their vessels constructed in the United States. May Ship’s exceptional communication, reliability, and efficiency has redefined the way America does business internationally.

Project Methodology

At May Ship Repair, each project is fully engineered before the project even begins. Our use of product information modeling allows us to integrate the production engineering, production planning, and all purchasing functions in order to minimize the cost and time required for production. In addition central coordination of these functions allows us to spread a project over multiple facilities. In doing so we can further reduce cost and time. Our methodology allows us to quote the most competitive prices along with early completion and deliveries of our products and services.

The Person and the History

Mohamed Adam
Mohamed AdamOwner & President
Mohamed Adam is the Founder, Owner & President of May Ship Repair Contracting Corporation (MSR) and Richmond Industrial Center (RIC) in Staten Island, New York. For over thirty years under Adam’s leadership, MSR has become one of the New York Metro Area’s premier ship repair & construction operations. His work through MSR & RIC has successfully spanned the spectrum of Construction & Consulting Services including Infrastructure, Dredging, Marine Construction, Demolition, Pipelines and Utilities, Power Generation Services, Wind Power Servicing and
Environmentally Conscious Construction

In 2013, Adam & MSR became an approved sub-contractor for one of the world’s largest bridge construction projects at the New Tappan Zee Bridge site on the Hudson River in New York.This massive project brings together a consortium of some of the world’s finest builders;

American Bridge, Fluor Enterprises, Granite Construction, Northeast Inc. & Traylor Brothers.

MSR & RIC are in the mix and are providing repair & consulting services to the operators of over 25 cranes and 100 maxi-barges.

MSR is a major contributor to New York Metro’s bustling maritime industry, whose client list includes:

  • The United States Coast Guard
  • New York City Department of Transportation
  • The United States Army Corp of Engineers
  • Consolidated Edison (Power Generation Construction)

Ideally located in New York’s “Tug Boat Alley”, MSR is also a major service provider to New York Metro’s working Tug Fleet. Adam developed Richmond Industrial Center (RIC) adjacent to the ship yard operation. RIC spreads over 15 acres and utilizes Bethlehem Steel manufacturing structures for metal fabrication and construction staging operations.

His passion for service extends into the charitable health field. Adam served as the President of The Egyptian/American Medical Society Foundation and currently, he is now the Chairman of Harbor Light Community Health Resources, Inc. Adam is a proud son of Alexandria, Egypt where attended Alexandria University, earning his degree in Engineering.