At May Ship Repairs, each new project is fully engineered before the project begins. Our use of product information modeling allows us to integrate the production engineering, production planning and purchasing functions in order to minimize the cost and time required for production. In addition central coordination of thee functions allows us to spread a project over multiple facilities if by doing so we can further reduce cost or time. In this way can continue to quote the most competitive prices and the earliest deliveries for our products and services.

New Construction

May Ship Repair is equipped with an excellent project management team capable of undertaking the most complex projects with ease. We have experience in constructing passenger ferries as well as vehicle ferries, fireboats, tugboats, cruise vessels and barges of all types. Our craftsmen are true New Yorkers. Their dedication and experience is unrivaled. Our metalworkers are skilled in steel and aluminum fabrication. All of our projects are built in accordance to industry standards and regulatory agency guidelines.

  • Tug Boat Construction
  • Excursion Vessels
  • Commercial Fishing Vessels
  • Government and Military Vessels
  • Ferries
  • Barges of All Types

Repair and Conversion Services

May Ship Repair offers a variety of vessel repair and conversion services. Utilizing its prime location and multifunctional facility to provide services such as gritblasting, steel replacement, and mechanical repairs.
· Tepairing of all types of marine main engines and auxillary engines
· Turbo charger overhauling
· Overhaul and repair of engine exhaust valves
· Fuel timing adjustments
· Fuel pump and governor overhauling and setting
· trouble shooting of machinery and engine problems
· Repair, welding and reconditioning of ship machinery such as marine shafts, propellers, pump housings or valves
· Seal-weld of boiler tubes end
· Build up on exhaust valve and seat
· Steel work fabrication of all kinds such as superstructure, deck, bulwark, cargo hatches, container lashing, railing stiffeners
· fabrication of winch drums and storage devices
· Steel renewal of all types of marine crafts
· Steel renewal for hull sections or Internal tank structures including peak tanks can be carried out by us at maximum speed.
· Overhauling of all types of pumps such as boiler feed pumps, mud pumps and circulating pumps as well as air compressor and various deck equipment
· Overhauling of anchor windlass and winches etc
· Crankshaft grinding and bearing remetalling
· General insulation works
· Machining of sub-sea wellhead housing
· Machining of cylinder liners and repair of pistons

All types of refrigeration equipment on board, design and installation of new system complete with equipment on ships. Supply of spares and installation of new system on land based system can be carried out. Repairs of cargo containers and associated work of refrigerated containers can be carried out on round the clock basis.

· Designing, installation, and servicing of air conditioner, cold room and refrigeration system
· Air conditioning and ventilation ductworks
· Supply of various brands of air conditioning and refrigeration accessories, compressors and parts
· Supply of industrial and refrigeration gases such as Oxygen, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Argon, R11, R12, R22, R502, HFC123, HFC134A, Ammonia Blends etc
· Repair of different makes of air conditioning systems, cold room and engine control room air conditioner
· Repair LPG carrier refrigeration plant
· Repairing an installation of dehumidification unit.