The shipbuilding and repair market has been slightly increasing over the past year with most of
the increase being sporadic on vessel repair. New construction has been steady and in May Ship
Repairs business, we have been focused on infrastructure expansion such as passenger ferry
landings for the City of New York.
Looking to the future, May Ship anticipates this trend to continue or even decline due to possible
trade tariffs and lack of needed new construction of small to midsized vessels because of market
saturation and the current industry conditions.
Our Strategy:
“As a result of the current market conditions, we are diversifying ourselves to new markets such
as industrial Structural Steel Fabrication – Full Manufacturing & Detailing”, said Mohamed
Adam, May Ship’s founder and president. Our fabrication shops are fully equipped and staffed
with skilled personnel to plan & execute modular fabrication projects to ensure timely delivery
of the sections and on-site assembly with high quality standards.
In order to step up to meeting the dynamic challenges of the upward & downward trends in the
shipping & steel markets, May Ship has made investments in upgrading its facilities,
modernizing its equipment, and adding staff members. In this regard, May Ship has recently
appointed Kenneth D. Boothe, Jr, a shipyard operations veteran, as VP of production.
In addition, we are also exploring the potential of what the Green market has to offer such as
wind towers, underwater turbine structures and other environmentally consciences markets and
investigating our contributing role to address them.
At the same time, we are going to continue our focus on our core primary business of new
construction, dry-docking & repair, and conversion of marine vessels. As technology advances
within the industry, we understand the importance of manufacturing a reliable vessel that is able
to achieve high performance with a minimal amount of maintenance, leveraging our significant
relevant experience and background in this business.
About Us and Our Facilities:
We are a reputable company and have been in business for over 30 years. Our Staten Island,
New York-based shipyard is comprised of well-equipped facilities, heavy machinery & cutting
tools, talented qualified technical professionals including Estimators, Purchasers, Engineers,
Designers, Detailers and Project Managers that are fully capable of handling any technical
We have 3 Dry Docks with the capacity to dry dock vessels up to 300’ in length. We are in the
process of building finger piers to utilize our marine travel lift crane capable of handling 600
metric ton vessels – one of the largest on the east Coast.

Our Services:
We offer our clients the highest quality design, construction & repair, and structural steel
fabrication services. Vessels are built and steel fabrication projects are completed to international
specifications meeting all safety requirements, regulations and certifications. We construct and
repair vessels in accordance with all regulatory agencies including the United States Coast
Guard, The American Bureau of shipping, Lloyd’s, DNV, and others..
At May Ship Repair, each project is fully engineered before the project even begins. Our use of
product information modelling allows us to integrate the production engineering, production
planning, and all purchasing functions in order to minimize the cost and time required for
production. In addition, central coordination of these functions allows us to spread a project over
multiple facilities.
In doing so we can further reduce cost and time and therefore, offer our clients competitive